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Create Before 8: Sharpie doodles 01

Create Before 8 is an initiative I’m starting (you can join too, if you want). All you have to do is create (or continue finishing up) a work of creativity before 8:00am. Easy peasy, if you already happen to be awake that early. Click here for more information on Create Before 8.

Create Before 8 is based on my current life situation where I have so much free time in the morning (okay, really it’s usually just 45 minutes or so, but it’s still a moderate chunk) and I waste it on Facebook or some other lazy, fruitless activity. My hope is to get the creative juices flowing early, in hopes of keeping that momentum moving forward throughout the day.

I’ve been on a crazy sharpie doodle kick for the past few days now. Here’s one of my favorites, the before and after versions. I did the sharpie doodle at night, and colored it in the morning for Create Before 8.

I have tons more sharpie doodles but I’m trying to space them out… we’ll see how that goes.

Before color:


After color:


Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!


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