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ROW80 Check-in: Playing the Priorities Game

Let’s be real: November is a challenge for everybody. It’s getting colder and the weather is less than inviting, school / work obligations generally start peaking towards the end of the month, and let’s not even mention the family / friends obligations that are growing towards the holiday season.

It sounds like I’m complaining, doesn’t it? I’m not.

I love the changing seasons, watching the leaves fall and even being dusted by some amount of snow… it’s all so beautiful, and even if it doesn’t feel so nice to be outside, it’s wonderful to watch from a blanket and a cup of soup. Fall and winter call for a state of stillness: take a minute and breathe that delightfully fresh air after a snowfall, in the evening, or in the morning before the world wakes up.

And then, after enjoying the stillness, you can prepare for the craziness of social obligations. Everyone’s dealing with them (albeit some of you do it better than yours truly). I have had a better social life in the past two weeks than I’ve had in the past month, but it’s a strain for an introvert like me. Although I need recovery time… I plan to do that tonight after work… I feel so very blessed by the people in my life. It’s no news to anyone that people are much more important than word counts.

That all being said, I’m about 10,000 word behind where I want to be. But! I’m blogging (fairly) regularly, so that makes me feel better; it’s not like I’m not creating, I’m just creating differently than I usually do in November. And I feel okay about it. I’m gonna give Nanowrimo a big push here over the next week, but maybe this story just isn’t meant to be told yet. I keep pushing and it keeps pushing back. I don’t want to force it.

Tonight or maybe tomorrow, I’ll post a couple of pictures of the drawings I’ve done over the weekend. I didn’t have the solidarity necessary to write, but I did do three or so cool doodles. Check back soon, and happy writing, everybody!


4 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in: Playing the Priorities Game

  1. Social interactions are what make us human–plus it’s good fuel for your writing! I loved your description of the changing seasons. Living in SoCal, I don’t experience normal seasons, so I live vicariously through my fellow bloggers in different places. Good luck with the rest of your projects 🙂


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