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Ten Sentences and Number Words

This is a clever idea I saw when I stumbled across a blog called the Daily (w)rite. The idea is to write a piece of fiction, 10 sentences long, using a “number word” in each sentence. I have six minutes until lunch, so here goes nothing:

Every second Saturday of the month, my friends and I took a trip to a local campground in my family’s beat-up ’95 Chevy. It was quite the trip, every time: five of us piled into the car, old-school picnic basket, charcoal, and some lighter fluid, rolling across the state lines to visit the campground. Seven Acres, it was called, because it was just that: a little seven-acre patch of woods, a timy little place off the beaten path. Ten minutes down the interstate, take a left, then a right, past the lake and there it was: our home-away-from-home. We grew up there, from the ripe age of sixteen until we graduated high school. Come quarter past nine, when the stars had lit the sky and the bonfire died down to embers, we would share our stories. Ghost stories, tales of love and loss, our hopes and dreams… a hundred memories. Three and a half years of my youth were spent there, and I think they were the best three and a half years a kid could ask for. Now that I’m approaching thirty, I look back at my second Saturdays and remember how they had formed me. One day a skinny teenage boy, the next day a man.

I don’t know if ranks, like first, second, third, count. So I tweaked it. And it took me 10 minutes. Not bad, I think.


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