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Blogging101: Your Dream Reader

Although I probably won’t be able to articulate who my dream reader is until the end of this post, I do know of a couple things I’d like to share with them. First things first: you are a beautiful child of God who was made to be his gift to the world in your own capacity. Never be afraid or ashamed to share your gifts and quirks with the world. Not everyone will appreciate or even like what you have to say, but please, say it anyway. No one can speak your heart like you do.

Secondly, don’t give up hope in a brighter future. Maybe your life is a little off track. Maybe your life is a lot off track, and you haven’t seen any signs of the way out for quite some time now. All that stuff is past. You can let it define you and limit you, or you can choose to break free and live whatever way God calls you to live. You may not know what he has planned, or even what he has to say, but I do promise it will be beautiful, remarkable, and entirely worth the wait. Don’t sell yourself short. Ever.

You see, I’ve been going through a sizable patch of spiritual dryness for quite some time now. Not a dark night of the soul kind of deal, but a tangible distance nonetheless. It happens. The good news is that God is not a feeling; feelings will pass. God will remain.

I’d like to leave you with a poem / prayer I wrote for my husband during our time apart. You can consider this a poem to someone you love, for you and the Church, the Body of Christ, or even a poem to God. I hope it speaks to you like it speaks to me.

“Arise, my beloved, my beautiful one, and come to me.”
Let us be together, Lord,
maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow,
but soon.
Help our hearts grow together as one,
even when the distance separates us.
May our focus be always to love and to serve:
each other, and the world around us.
Make us strong against the fleetingness of the everyday,
make us even stronger in the face of temptations,
strongest in our fight for truth and justice.
Make us vulnerable to the needs of our neighbors,
make us even more vulnerable to listening to your life lessons,
and most vulnerable and open to each other.
In our weakness, we are made strong.
And when we are together again,
after a long time away,
help us to listen well with the ear of our hearts,
that we may grow closer again,
and let us love with selflessness-
freely, totally, faithfully, and fruitfully-
in a way that unites us and gives us strength for the journey
so we may go forth and build the kingdom
on the foundation of our strong, dedicated, eternal love.
We ask this through your Son and glorious Spirit,
in union with the same Trinity
that first taught us how to love.

Perhaps my first and most important dream reader is my husband. It sounds kind of bad that I consider him a “dream reader,” so let me clarify: he’s not against this blog or ignoring it by any means, but he’s been so busy with work that he hasn’t had the time to keep up with what I write. I’m not mad about it, but I do hope he’ll be able to read what I’ve written someday, because so much of the goodness in me comes straight from the love and sacrifice he has shown for me. Yeah, yeah, sappy newlyweds, blah blah blah. Whatever. If you don’t like it, for once it doesn’t even matter. This post is for my dream reader, not any random person browsing through tags. Hehe.

And hey, if you liked what I have to say, don’t hesitate to let me know, and feel free to stick around. What exactly about this post captured you? What would you, a real reader, like to hear more about from me?


4 thoughts on “Blogging101: Your Dream Reader

  1. I’ve been experiencing doubt and darkness in my faith as of late at the loss of both of my parents, and this post completely pulled at my heartstrings and resonated with my soul. thank you.


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