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Blogging101: Say Your Name

As you can obviously read, my blog’s title is Millennial Creativity, and my tagline is “sharing creativity through community.” There are a couple reasons why I’m angling into the blogging sphere with these titles.

The first point I should definitely discuss is the idea of Millennials. Millennials are people who were born between 1980 and 2000, give or take a few years either way, depending on who you talk to. As a group of people all raised with similar environments and similar world views, we also share similar traits. These traits may fluctuate from person to person, but as a generalized rule, much can be said of Millennials. For example, we’re highly technologically innovative, we work in teams or social groups, we thrive on positivity and affirmation, and we don’t always take criticism very well. We tend toward relativistic ways of thinking, and are usually very open-minded to new ideas and differences. For another article I’ve written on Millennials, click here.

The second point I want to highlight is a Millennial characteristic: community. We Millennials, in general, are vibrantly connected to a network of friends- extroverts have lots of friends, introverts keep just a few ones, but Millennials are highly dependent on community, and I am no exception. Specifically, I want to share my gifts – my creativity – with my community and with my world. So, I create, and I add bits and pieces to this blog. I don’t have many followers, and that’s kind of a good thing, starting out: I want to make sure I can maintain this thing before I publicize it to all my friends and then let it slowly die over the course of the next few months, leaving skeletons of old thoughts dancing through the depths of the internet. I want this to be the real deal. I want to share my creativity – whatever the media and style – with a community. So I’ll start small, and we’ll see where we go from there. Thanks for joining me!


4 thoughts on “Blogging101: Say Your Name

  1. Let me apologize in advance because I am in no way trying to make a slight against Millennials, but your post reminded me of an interesting exchange between two of my coworkers. One is 40+ with a “millennial” wife (which he admitted later) that was teasing the other coworker, a 23 year old, for his high opinion of himself and inability to take criticism. It was a comical exchange in which the 23 year old told the 40 year old not to hate the Millennials. The rest in the office got a good laugh at the mild insults that flew back and forth but what topped it off was a news report that at that very moment came across the TV we had on: Millennials are Jerks. That kind of topped off the older guy’s argument. Everyone cracked up at the irony. This link relates to that report – . Please don’t take this the wrong way – individuals are jerks, not Millennials. But then I’m not one to group people into categories and try to make them fit or assign traits, though I will say the description of my star sign seems a tight fit… I’ll enjoy exploring the creativity that you have to offer!


    1. Haha this is awesome and mirrors the experiences I have at work too… my boss finds Millennials fascinating. Even with all our quirks and admittedly sometimes annoying drawbacks, it’s an interesting study nonetheless to see generalized generational traits as they develop over the years. Thanks for your comment! 🙂


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