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Pumpkins and The Problem of my 2D Characters


Hi all!

The exciting thing that’s happening right now is my pumpkins! We had our first frost recently so I had to bring them all in, even the green ones. I have 30 uncarved pumpkins and I am about to go crazy on them! Wheeee!

Allrighty, ROW80 friends. Now down to business: I have some good news and dome bad news. The good news is that November is here (read: Nanowrimo and my novel’s birthday) so I can finally start reporting on word counts (I did 3000 or so yesterday,  and will do some more writing tonight)! The bad news is that I suddenly realized as I wrote my first three chapters or so that 1. I am horribly, terribly unprepared (there’s no way I have enough material to make this baby last through the month) so I’ll be pretty much pantsing all month long… and 2. My characters are almost entirely 2D.

You see, I love dialogue, so I often forsake critical details and emotions for the sake of writing talking, which I most enjoy reading. My secret bad habit is that I somehow became a skim reader and get distracted reading big paragraphs between dialogue chunks. I guess that’s why I like poetry so much. Its lines fit my attention span better.

So that’s a secondary goal of my writing this week: to flesh out my characters. How do I expect my readers to fall in love with them if I don’t first love them myself?

Happy writing, all!


2 thoughts on “Pumpkins and The Problem of my 2D Characters

  1. Ooh, I know where you’re coming from. I enjoy writing dialogue scenes most, too, but it’s really hard for me if I don’t know who the characters are in advance. Good luck with fleshing them out!


  2. Good luck fleshing out those characters! I love getting to know my characters ahead of time, but I find that as I write, I tend to dig even deeper into their minds.


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