Aaaand Cue Emotional Attachment to my Characters

Just two days ago I was complaining about how little I know my poor little 2D characters in my Nanowrimo novel, and now I think things are changing. That’s the beauty of Nanowrimo, isn’t it? Fast-paced progress to keep on top of those word counts.

It’s not even that I think I know my characters better, per se. Of my two main characters, I’ve written a pretty big expose (how do you do accent marks in WordPress??) on my female character… now, instead of finding her clunky and cranky, I understand why she is the way she is, and I am falling in love with her- in a literary sort of way. Don’t be weird about it. I’m looking forward to finishing this scene and getting to my male character so I can find out a little more about him too. I always end up favoring my male characters, but since I’m a girl myself, I struggle with writing authentic male emotions without making them too… well, girly. Anyone have suggestions about writing about a member of the opposite sex?

Now, don’t get me wrong: I still know that this is going to be the hardest novel I’ve ever written for a variety of reasons. I’m still “pansting” with this novel quite a bit, and I have no idea if the plotline will play along nicely or take a wild turn into left field, double back on itself, and do a nosedive straight into the ground… but the good news is I’m growing an affection for my characters. And that’s certainly a lot more than I had a few days ago.

Happy writing, all!


One thought on “Aaaand Cue Emotional Attachment to my Characters

  1. It’s great to have an emotional attachment to your characters–hopefully that translates into an emotional attachment for your readers, too, down the line. NaNo is such a great way to power through writing 50K, too; I hope it’s going well for you!

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