ROW80 Check-in

So… I’m thinking that trying to get 70 cards done in 4 days is a little unrealistic. I’ve done 20 so far, but they are stressing me out so much that it may or may not give me a stomachache. There’s too much going on in my life for me to dedicate my remaining pieces of free time solely to handwriting cards. It’s giving me cramps and making me really grumpy.

So, adjusted goal: if I do 5 cards a weekday and 10 cards a weekend, that will have me done by the end of next week, and I can live with that.

Also, I need to start thinking about Christmas presents… it will be here before I know it, and I’d like to make things, rather than buy them, to save some money. Besides, how does one shop for 3 adult male brothers-in-law? Food, alcohol for the ones above age 21. Maybe I’ll make a super batch of cookies or something. I doubt that they’d turn that down.

And Nanowrimo. That’s all. Happy writing everyone!


9 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in

  1. Ugh. Is it really going to be Christmas soon? While I love the reason for the holiday, finding presents for all my family always makes me break out into a cold sweat! (Maybe that’s why I prefer Thanksgiving…) Good luck with finding gifts for yours!


      1. I wish I had the knack for thinking of gifts for people–bought or made! It would feel good if I could make something, but… I never know what! (I’m not as craftsy as I wish I were!) I’m impressed by anyone who can make something gift-worthy.


      2. Ah… perfect choices! Food is always great, I agree. And you can always use a new pair of socks or hat, right? Or maybe mittens? I am just starting to dabble in canning, so perhaps by next year, I’ll have something homemade to gift, too!


      3. Thanks, I’m giving it a shot, so we’ll see where it leads! (It seems to be all about finding the right recipe and quality ingredients.) But it seems like it will be a fun exploration. 🙂


  2. I used to do so well with traditional correspondence … alas, no more. Pacing yourself sounds like a very good idea. Kudos!
    And getting started on Christmas … good for you. I’ve been thinking about the cleaning and rearranging that we need to do to prep for decorating. (My hubby loves Christmas and we start earlier every year.)
    At any rate, all the best with NaNo. You’re gonna be busy, busy.


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