Pumpkins · ROW80

ROW80 Check-in

Not much to report except for one giant pumpkin! Oh, and I have a game plan of prepwork for the rest of the month to tide me over until Nanowrimo. Until then, enjoy one dragon pumpkin and one giant multi-carve pumpkin 🙂

The dragon:


And my giant “Gospels” pumpkin. Each Gospel has its own symbol.

Matthew, the Lion:


Mark, the Ox:


Luke, the Man:


…kind of looks like he’s 12, but whatever.

And John, the Eagle:


…kind of looks like a baby chick. I couldn’t figure out the beak. Oh well.

And for funsies, Jesus too: the Lamb.


Happy writing, everyone!


3 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in

  1. Dragon pumpkin! So cool. Though I’d also be curious to see how the others looked with candles inside – that always seems to change the look of a pumpkin. I suspect the eagle would look less like a chick, for instance, when lit from within. 🙂


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