ROW80 Check-in

Hello all. I haven’t done much toward my goals, per se, but I have done a lot of other catch up things in my life. So I’d consider it a success. Sort of.

I’ve also been brainstorming a lot of Nanowrimo things… my main decision I’m trying to make is whether or not this Nanowrimo is for me, or for a bunch of hypothetical readers. If it’s for me, I want to write in a free poetic style verse, which I find highly engaging and utterly delightful but so very wasteful to print and edit in the future. Paragraph style is more marketable and expected, and a quicker edit in the end. I think. Do we’ll see.

I haven’t even chosen a plotline or genre or anything… but I’m excited for the writing season. Can’t wait to get there! Happy writing, friends!


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