Creativity Projects

While we’re being honest, this post may be more for my personal reference than for anyone else, so I don’t lose these resources. But you may be interested in this stuff too. So here goes…

Creativity projects I don’t want to forget about!

Novels and Creative Writing

  • …This will be my third year. I’ve not failed yet. Now, Camp Nano is another story… but November? I got this.
  • (which is in April) and its sister site, …both offer daily poem prompts for a month. I like poetry and intend to do it more often. I think the spring would be a good time.
  • …during the month of May, write a short story every day. Simple. Quick.


Drawing / Visual Arts Projects

    • …Always wanted to do a comic book. This one falls on one of the first few days of October. If you’re looking for a children’s book version of this during the spring/summer, check …but this one has fees. May just want to do it yourself, for free.
    • …asks for 30 characters in 30 days. Seems to be during November, but I see no reason why it couldn’t be done on your own at a different month.
  • …always a big hit. When I can get to it.
  • …take a picture every day for a year. The budding photographer would like to take on this challenge. Maybe 2015 will be a good year for that sort of thing.

Songwriting / Music

  • …February Album Writing Month. For all you songwriters like me out there. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t make it in a month, but it would be fun to try! Another, larger version is by the same FAWMers:

For a more complete listing, check out this awesome resource.


5 thoughts on “Creativity Projects

  1. Oh wow. You’ve enlightened me! Thanks so much for the links! I’ve never heard of You’ve really done this three years in a row? Fantastic! I’m going to take the challenge because I promised myself at 13 that I’d have my first book published by age 25. I’m over 25 and as it happens, the month of November promises to allow some time for this. I appreciate your sharing and giving me some motivation.


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