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Creativity, Beauty, Faith

[UPDATE: This post was written back when my blog was hosted on Weebly. When I transferred over to WordPress, the name “Beautiful Creativity” was already taken, so I changed to Millennial Creativity. When I get the chance to write a post about my thoughts on my new name, I’ll link it here. Thanks!]

No doubt about it, I need to more clearly define my blog. It is an awkward little blog, isn’t it, because it’s so new… There’s little to nothing on it, and I would really like to beef it up with some readers and some engaging discussion. But in order to get people to read it, I need to know what I’m trying to say.

So what in the world is this blog, exactly?

I’ve called it “Beautiful Creativity,” originally as a name holder, for the time being. I like it, and I have a lot of good stuff to say about beauty and creativity and faith, but now that it exists, where is it going from here? What do I want to write about? Who do I hope will read my ramblings?

Creativity. And beauty. Those two things are key, aren’t they?

I have so many different forms of creativity I can capitalize on. I like to do so many creative bits and pieces. Maybe my creative focus can fluctuate with my interests. In the winter, post a lot of crochet things. In the spring, talk about gardening. Fall, writing. Summer… Planning youth group events.

And that second bit. Beauty. It’s kind of a funny thing for me to talk about… I never wear makeup unless it’s for theatre. I bite my nails and put my hair in the same ponytail every single day. I don’t like pink and I never buy clothes except from Goodwill or, occasionally, the clearance rack. What do I have to say about beauty? A lot, actually. Because I see it, and I love it, and I create it. Perhaps it’s not the same understanding of beauty that most of society holds, but there’s definitely beauty out there. And in here, in me. And always in the people around me.

They both come together for me- creativity and beauty- in the faith department. Although I’m unashamedly Catholic, I think that these principles of human dignity and life and creation are all universal, things that creative people and Christians alike should be able to agree with. So that’s my hinge. My lynch-pin. (I don’t know what a lynch-pin is, but judging by common context clues, I think it applies in this situation.) How do I merge those three things together in this blog?

By more authentically living. And thinking. And fighting against the commonalities and mundane repetition of an uninspired, everyday life. Where am I unique? What can I share with the world? How is God calling me to use my life as a gift? Where, and how, can I inspire others to do the same?

I hope that this blog, this drive I feel within me at the beginning, is the beginning of something good. Something long-lasting. I want to feel that fire of creativity again. I need to get out of the rut of everyday existing, and really start living again. Walk with me, friends. Let’s figure this out, together.

PS: A lynch-pin. Also spelled linchpin. It’s “a fastener used to prevent a wheel or other part from sliding off the axle upon which it is riding.” I think my guesstimated usage is close enough. Source: wikipedia. Here.


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