Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Other?

ROW80 Goals Advanced: more lesson planning done, but still not caught up. Some planning has been done on Nanowrimo. Not much to report. However, now that I’m finally accumulating blog posts, I realize that Weebly might not be able to handle large amounts of blogging.

I’m trying to decide which blogging platform I want to switch to, because I have to make the switch. Here are my criteria:

  • Free. I will not pay for a blog… at least, not any time in the near future.
  • Pretty. It needs to have good customizable and unique templates. That’s why I love Weebly… and why I didn’t like Blogger that much. They all look the same. But,
  • Dashboard. Weebly doesn’t have one of these (or if they do, I haven’t found it) and so I can’t manage my posts well. Blogger has a nice one I think but I have no field of reference for the other two.
  • Storage. I don’t want to suddenly run out of space and have to upgrade to something I have to pay for.
  • Mobile. It has to be compatible with Android and the app has to actually work. Weebly has been having a lot of bugs and making me double my work- typing on the phone and then editing more on the laptop.
  • Simple. I don’t have to know html coding to make it function, but I can still have the flexibility to make it awesome.

So, what do you think? Which blogging platform would you recommend according to the above criteria, and more importantly, why? Cue sales pitches…. now! Thanks all. Happy writing.


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